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March 27, 2007


Ellen Weber

Great post Anthony, I am intrigued by the ways you link what a person does well, and how that person is paid fairly for that capability and talent. I'd like to hear a bit more.

Do you see that link as well known to most of the talented people you encounter, for instance. If, not what might they do to strngthen the connection here? Ideas?

Anthony Mersino

Hi Ellen, thanks for your comment. I am doing some digging on links between what people do well and how they are paid for that. I know that was a topic in the book, "What color is your parachute" by Richard Bolles. Unfortunately, I don't have that book in my library anymore. Perhaps my friend Galba Bright who knows a lot about this topic has the book and can weigh in.

Anyway, thank you for your comments and I look forward to exploring your work over at Brain Based Business.
Anthony Mersino

Galba Bright at Tune up your EQ

Hello Anthony:

I strongly agree with your application of the Hedgehog Concept at the individual level. As you say, it requires introspection and it's very worthwhile. The reference by Richard Nelson Bolles is What Colour Is Your Parachute. I used this book in 1992 to guide my journey into self employment. The book has a section called "How To Find Your Mission in Life." The book has an associated website http://jobhuntersbible.com. Another good EQ resource for identifying ones passion is Get Out Of Your Ownn Way by Robert Cooper. He has a tool called The Workplace Passport. Yet another good book is Zen And The Art Of Making A Living. The associated website is http://empoweryou.com

Anthony Mersino

Hi Galba, it's always good to hear from you. Thanks for the information on the Bolles book as well as the other resources. The Robert Cooper book sounds interesting and I think I will add that to my reading list. I skimmed his book on Executive EQ a while back but would like to go back and read it in detail.

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