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May 12, 2008



Anthony: I absolutely agree with you about the importance of people in projects (for that matter in any venture). We concentrate on processes and procedures so much that we forget that they loose their essence if not attached to the best folks.

I believe that 'People Skills' is a primary skill that a project manager has to develop.

Anthony Mersino

Joseph, thanks for your comment and for stopping by. Cheers!

Joshua Freedman

Hi Anthony,
It's challenging that it's SO EASY to forget this simple truth: People drive performance (and emotions drive people). I suspect that because the PMs work is so filled with urgent tactical action they get absorbed in the tasks.

I've also heard, "our people are paid, they should just do their work" -- which is true AND a good PM will get far more working with and through people if they use emotional intelligence skills. I'd love to do a simple research project testing 100 PMs to see if they get more done, faster, if their EQ is high.

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