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December 14, 2008


Maranda Gibson

I have always believed that fear can be a great motivator. I think it's a foolish thing when people say they do not experience fear. Fear is an emotion and anyone who is human will experience it. Fear has always had the opposite affect on me and made me be early and overzealous about everything. The fear of failure made me go a little bit too far. Once the first projects I had when I started at my first "real" job was to write a guide for clients. I blew through it so quickly that I made a ton of mistakes first draft, things I should have caught.

One thing I try to do to control my fear of failure is to remind myself of the accomplishments I've made. It sounds conceited I'm sure but when that fear can get to be too much, sometimes it's nice to hear something that's positive.

Anthony Mersino

Hi Maranda, thank you so much for your comments! I agree wholeheartedly that anyone who is human experiences fear though many people are not aware that they are afraid. It sounds like you have learned to use your fear to be more prepared and to avoid failure. I am more likely to get shut down or to have it cause me to procrastinate.

I also like your tip for controlling your fear. Affirmations are good, as is positive imaging, and talking it out with a friend. Breathing exercises can also be extremely helpful in reducing our level of fear. Finally, my favorite way to control my fear is to find something to laugh about.


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