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May 30, 2009


Raymond Erdman

Finding it difficult to accurately determine objectives, facts/passions/interests, communication style on long-distance projects, where only a short period of time is spent directly with the stakeholders (lots of conference calls). Does anyone have a useful 'team building' tip for early on-site meetings with stakeholders, something that gets at these analysis criteria? (Not "What do you like best about your company"-type sessions.) Mention of 'team building' exercises on consulting gigs usually results in wide-eyed looks of terror on many of my clients' teams.

Steve Flannes


I just happened across your 2009 commentary about the book I wrote with Ginger Levin on "people skills." You gently took us to task (when reviewing our reasons for the importance of people skills in project management) for not mentioning the fact that projects are done through people. I offer this response: isn't that obvious?

Steve Flannes

Miriam Dittrich

If you always keep a good line of communication between you and all of those who are involved in your project, then finishing everything you need to do won't take that much time. I learned this from my Professor back in college. If he hadn't taught me that, I wouldn't have been working as effectively as I am now. Talking with everyone in your circle makes sure that you know what's happening at real-time, or close to that.

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